Jack Chan

Jack Chan recently led teams to build scalable web apps on the cloud.  He worked at large enterprises such as Adobe, Apple, Shutterfly and Amazon and ground-level tech startups. Jack dabbled with mining Ethereum before switching his focus to Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, which evolved into co-founding a validator service across multiple networks, now responsible for a sizable staking delegation.

Jack is a Computer Engineering graduate from Illinois Tech, with an MBA from San Jose State University. In his free time, he enjoys improving his golf game, playing pickup basketball and a good walk.

Jack Chan leitete kürzlich Teams, die skalierbare Webanwendungen in der Cloud entwickelten. Er arbeitete bei großen Unternehmen wie Adobe, Apple, Shutterfly und Amazon sowie bei Tech-Startups. Jack beschäftigte sich mit dem Mining von Ethereum, bevor er seinen Fokus auf Proof-of-Stake-Blockchain-Netzwerke verlagerte, woraus sich die Mitgründung eines Validierungsdienstes für mehrere Netzwerke entwickelte, der nun für eine beträchtliche Staking-Delegation verantwortlich ist.

Jack hat einen Abschluss in Computertechnik von der Illinois Tech und einen MBA von der San Jose State University. In seiner Freizeit verbessert er gerne sein Golfspiel, spielt Basketball und macht einen Spaziergang.

Upcoming Plans

  • Monthly Deliverables: 2021 Oct
  • Quarterly Milestones: 2021 Q4
    • Developer Advocacy — develop a full end-to-end solution for inbound fund proposal submissions, vetting process, decision models, compliance framework, and funnel into Incubator DAO; attend Miami NFT conference
    • Wallets — to coordinate the development of a secure frictionless 1Wallet experience; work with an external partner to integrate Wallet Connect; research FIDO-enabled security integration such as Nok Nok; work with Ledger team to support ONE on Nano X
    • Decentralized Ops — construct two teams focusing on solving bounties around Infrastructure and Protocol development
    • Decentralized Infra — to migrate our RPC network to at least 2 communities, targeting 50% (100M txns/day) traffic out of Harmony's infrastructure; to introduce a set of indexed endpoints to help our community build a highly responsive analytic solutions
  • Yearly Planning: 2022 Q1 - Q3
    • Developer Advocacy — Streamline fund proposals to a 1-week decision cycle; partner with Incubator DAO with 25 grantees and 10 hackathon teams; partner with 3 quality projects to build solutions drawing in 100K users or $100M in liquidity; attend 10 events such as EthDenver, EthCC, SF Blockchain Week, etc.
    • Bridges — to foster a two-pizza Protocol team to solve bounties to build bridges across 3 chains, such as Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polkadot and Cosmos
    • Wallets — coordinate with our partner to rollout 1Wallet to Harmony's community; coordinate development of a mobile app as a set of bounties. Coordinate bounties to integrate with 3 other wallets, such as Trezor, Keepkey, Portis and Coinbase Wallet.
    • Decentralized Ops — to foster a two-pizza Ops team to support our ecosystem growth with a stable and resilient cloud infrastructure with a minimal multi-Cloud footprint
    • Decentralized Infra — to sufficiently decentralize our RPC and Graph service to 2 or more independent communities of node runners to run a better service than [*].harmony.one endpoints

Achievements in 2021 Q2-Q3

Deliverables & 6-Week Focus

  1. Ecosystem Fund — Optimize the proposal workstreams and improve Funding FAQ; work with Incubator DAO to work with hackathon winners and grantees
  2. Wallets — Coordinate development of a secure frictionless 1Wallet experience, integrating with Wallet Connect and FIDO-enabled security; coordinate Ledger Nano X support
  3. Decentralized Infra — Partner with Pocket and Covalent Networks to migrate 50% RPC and indexing traffic; continue to optimize cloud footprint tracking 90% of all infrastructure costs
  4. Events & Meetups — Event Ops support in SF, Stanford and Miami; "bridge" in speakers across chains: ChainLink, Polygon & Cosmos; continue follow ups from MainNet contacts

10/29/21 (In Progress)

  1. Ecosystem — Abhi now does announcements. Gabriel to start taking follow-ups. LoginID discussions continue. Chat with Polygon ecosystem investment lead (their deal flow). Grantees start to cross-pollinate.
  2. Decentralized RPC — service degraded 10/24, multiple solutions in-progress (RPC service and cloud architecture). Pocket: worked, issues root caused and solved. Covalent: slow to respond. Chainstacks: an unlikely match.
  3. Decentralized Ops — posting on job sites, retained an APAC region recruiter, interview in to complete by mid-next week for AMER region
  4. Events — Reddit AMA and Twitterspaces AMA


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — quality proposals for gaming and institutional-grade custody, NFT marketplace and DeFi Lending
  2. Decentralized RPC — Pocket Network POC completed up to 25% traffic from bridge + developer RPC routed over
  3. Decentralized Ops — outreach to AMER and APAC candidates, job req written
  4. Events — NFT Metaverse meetup at Palo Alto on 10/22, call with Stanford Blockchain Club scheduling DAO talk in 4-6 weeks


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — averaging 3-5 new inbounds per day, Incubator DAO intro
  2. Decentralized RPC — Started POC with SSL cert additions for DNS routing to Pocket Networks
  3. Hackathon — completed and follow ups


  1. Ecosystem Proposals — approved 8 more proposals this week (Week 4), total now at 27 proposals approved, tallying close to $8.5M today. Majority funds Aave & Curve totalling $6M
  2. Workstream — established a Funding FAQ; discussed with a TradFi treasury partner, will not proceed; held initial Compliance framework discussions, awaiting their proposal, target barebones compliance framework be available by month end
  3. Events & Meetups — kickoff discussions with Miami's conference organizer for DCentralCon (11/30-12/1), reserving 20'x20' space, inviting grantees to participate; outreach to Stanford Blockchain Club; ordered Tappy card and 10K Harmony logo stickers
  4. Hackathon — reviewed all submissions


W: Ecosystem Proposals — reviewing all submissions, getting back to 48-hour first response

M: Compliance framework for proposals, cost cutting efforts on our Infrastructure by $100K/yr

Q: Decentralize RPC — to outsource our RPC network to 2 partners, targeting 50% traffic out of Harmony's infrastructure